Houshang Darvishi-Alamdari, professeur agrégé
Pavillon Adrien-Pouliot, local 1745F
T. 418 656-7666
F. 418 656-5343
Champs d'intérêts



  • Efficacité énergétique/Energy efficiency
  • Aluminium/Aluminium
  • Métallurgie physique/Physical metallurgy
  • Carbone/Carbon
  • Revêtements anti-usures/Wear-resistant coatings
  • Projection thermique/Thermal spray (HVOF)







    • Propriétés et choix des matériaux
    • Soudage
    • Microstructure et propriétés des matériaux
    • Nanomatériaux industriels



Refereed Publications (Past 6 years)

Analysis on the Die Compaction of Anode Paste Material Used in Aluminum Production Plants; Aryanpour, G., H. Alamdari, K. Azari, D. Ziegler, D. Picard, and M. Fafard; Powder Technology (2014).

New insight on the restructuring and breakage of particles during uniaxial confined compression tests on aggregates of petroleum coke; Thibodeau, Stéphane, Houshang Alamdari, Donald P. Ziegler, and Mario Fafard; Powder Technology (2014).

Clear microstructure–performance relationships in Mn-containing perovskite and hexaaluminate compounds prepared by activated reactive synthesis; Laassiri, Said, Nicolas Bion, Daniel Duprez, Sébastien Royer, and Houshang Alamdari, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2014).

Role of Mn+ cations in the redox and oxygen transfer properties of BaMxAl12?xO19?? (M = Mn, Fe, Co) nanomaterials for high temperature methane oxidation; S. Laassiri, N. Bion, D. Duprz, H. Alamdari, S. Royer ; Catalysis Science and Technology (2013) available online.

Compaction properties of carbon materials used for prebaked anodes in aluminum production plants; K. Azari, H. Alamdari, G. Aryanpour, D. Picard, M. Fafard, D. Ziegler; Powder Technology (2013) available online

New compaction method for the production of large ramming paste samples for 3D mechanical characterization; P.-O. St-Arnaud, D. Picard, M. Noël, H. Alamdari, D. Ziegler, M. Fafard;  Light Metals (2013), Pages : 1233-1238        

Sensitivity of carbon anode baking model outputs to kinetic parameters describing pitch pyrolysis; F. Gregoire, L. Gosselin, H. Alamdari; Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. (2013) 52 (12), Pages 4465–4474

Mixing Variables for Prebaked Anodes Used in Aluminum Production; K. Azari, H. Alamdari, G. Aryanpour, D. Picard, M. Fafard, A. Adams ; Powder Technology, (2013) Pages 341-348

Behavior of Boron in Molten Aluminum and its Grain Refinement Mechanism; H. Alamdari, D. Dubé, P. Tessier; Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2013) 44A, Pages: 388-394

Characterization of Pre?Baked Carbon Anode Samples Using X?Ray Computed Tomography and Porosity Estimation; D. Picard, H. Alamdari, D. Ziegler, B. Dumas, M. Fafard ; Light Metals (2012) Pages 1283-1288

New observations in creep behaviour of ramming paste in aluminium electrolysis cell; S. Orangi, D. Picard, H Alamdari, D Ziegler, M Fafard; Light Metals (2012) Pages 1331-1336.

Discrete Element Method Applied to the Vibration Process of Coke Particles; B. Majidi, K. Azari, H. Alamdari, M. Fafard, D. Ziegler; Light Metals (2012) Pages 1273-1277

Waste-free and scaling up synthesis of nanocristalline hexaaluminates ; S. Laassiri, N. Bion, F. Can, X. Courtois, D. Duprez, S. Royer, H. Alamdari ; CrystEngCom, (2012) 14, Pages 7733-7743

Interaction of molten aluminium with porous TiB2-based ceramics containing Ti-Fe additives; H. Heidari, H. Alamdari, D. Dubé, R. Schulz; Journal of European Ceramic Society, (2012) 32 (4), Pages 937-945

Investigating the Potential of TiB2-Based Composites with Ti and Fe Additives as Wettable Cathode; H. Heidari, H. Alamdari, D. Dubé, R. Schulz; Advanced Materials Research (2012) 409, Pages 195-200

Influence of Mixing Parameters on the Density and Compaction Behaviour of Carbon Anodes Used in Aluminum Production; K. Azari, H. Alamdari, H. Ammar, M. Fafard, A. Adams, D. Ziegler; Advanced Materials Research (2012) 409, Pages 17-22

Highly Sensitive Pure and Pd-Doped LaFeO3 Nanocrystalline Perovskite-Based Sensor Prepared by High Energy Ball Milling; M. Ghasdi, H. Alamdari; Advanced Materials Research (2012) 409, Pages 486-491

Pressureless Sintering of TiB2?Based Ceramics with Ti–Fe Additives: Sintering Mechanism and Stability in Liquid Aluminium; H. Heidari, H. Alamdari, D. Dubé, R. Schulz ; Advanced Engineering Materials (2012) Volume 14, Issue 9, Pages 802–809

Effects of physical properties of anode raw materials on the paste compaction behaviour; K. Azari Dorcheh, H. Alamdari, H. Ammar, D. Picard, M. Fafard, D. Ziegler; Light Metals (2011), Pages: 1161-1164  

Pressureless sintering of titanium diboride for development of wettable cathodes; H. Heidari, H.  Alamdari, D.  Dubé, R. Schulz; Light Metals (2011), Pages: 1109–1116

Characterization of a full scale pre-baked carbon anode using X-Ray computerized tomography; D. Picard, H. Alamdari, D. P. Ziegler, P-O. St-Arnaud, M. Fafard; Light Metals (2011), Pages: 973-978

Solvent-free synthesis of nanocrystalline hexaaluminate-type mixed oxides with high specific surface area for CO oxidation reaction; S. Laassiri, D. Duprez, S. Royer and H. Alamdari; Catal. Sci. Technol., (2011), 1 (7), Pages: 1124-1127

Electrical and CO gas sensing properties of nanostructured La1-xCexCoO3 perovskite prepared by activated reactive synthesis; M. Ghasdi, H. Alamdari, S. Royer, A. Adnot; Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, (2011), Volume: 156, Issue 1  Pages: 147-155

CO sensitive nanocrystalline LaCoO3 perovskite sensor prepared by high energy ball milling; M. Ghasdi, Alamdari H; Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical, (2010), Volume: 148, Issue 2, Pages: 478-485

Thermo-Mechanical Characterisation of Graphitic and Graphitized Carbon Cathode Materials Used in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells; D. Picard, W. Bouzemmi, B. Allard, H. Alamdari and M. Fafard; Light Metals (2010), Pages: 823-828

Iron-Manganese: A New Class of Degradable Metallic Biomaterials Prepared by Powder Metallurgy?; H. Hermawan, H. Alamdari, D. Mantovani, D. Dubé; Journal of Powder Metallurgy, (2008), Volume: 51, Issue: 1  Pages: 38-45

SO2 poisoning of LaFe0.8Cu0.2O3 perovskite prepared by reactive grinding during NO reduction by C3H6; R. Zhang, H. Alamdari and S. Kaliaguine; Applied Catalysis A: General, (2008), Volume 340, Issue 1, Pages: 140-15

Mechanism of stearic acid oxidation over nanocrystalline La1?xA’xBO3 (A’ = Sr, Ce; B = Co, Mn): The role of oxygen mobility;  S. Royer, B. Levasseur, H. Alamdari, J. Barbier Jr., D. Duprez and S. Kaliaguine; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, (2008), Volume 80, Issues 1-2, Pages: 51-61

Crystal structure, redox properties and catalytic performance of Ga-based mixed oxides for NO reduction by C3H6; R. Zhang, A. Villanueva, H. Alamdari and S. Kaliaguine; Catalysis Communications, (2008), 9, Pages: 111-116


PT-4    Process for optimizating the catalytic activity of a perovskite-based catalyst; H. Alamdari, M. Bassir, P. Seegoapul, A. Van Neste; (2009) EP Patent 2,040,835

PT-3    Method and product for electrically contacting oxide-coated conductors; S. Boily, H. Alamdari; (2004) EP Patent 1,407,514

PT-2    Inert electrode material in nanocrystalline powder form; S. Boily, H. Alamdari, M. Blouin,  (2004) EP Patent 1,466,039

PT-1    Varistors based on nanocrystalline powders produced by mechanical grinding. Schulz, Robert; Boily, Sabin; Joly, Alain; Van Neste, Andre; Alamdari, Houshang. US Patent 6,620,346 (2003). AND EP Patent 1,010,186

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  • B.Sc. (Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Iran)
  • M.Sc. A., Ph.D. (Univ. Laval)


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